Thursday, January 09, 2003

I was like talking to my girl on that messaging program and my parents were like "why don't you get a job?" all coming in and interrupting me and I said "I had a job remember I sold stuff in study hall for that school thing and everyone else got study hall and my friend got his first date from study hall but I was in the hallway instead." It's like, everyone else got to relax but me? wtf is all this I never got to have fun in school like anyone else and now I guess I'll never have fun.

Thursday, January 02, 2003

It's like, sometimes bad things just keep happening. Like the heavy metal guy who overdosed on depressants and used to sing about how sad life was and really connected with the youth like me because he showed us how sad we were too. When I was in high school I was wearing a tshirt with the band on it and some prep guy was like "O isn't that the guy who killed himself with drugs?" and I was like "go back to masterbaiting 2 ur boyband pictures" and then I was so mad that my friends said I called him names for like a minute straight and I hit him. Then I got stupid detention. But it keeps happening and I'll just cry if they keep dying like this and I'll be sad and there's not enough room in my closet any more to fit their tshirts in.