Saturday, October 19, 2002

So yesterday I was playing video games - my mom is so cool sometimes and she bought me the new machine - and I was all getting into it pulling off combo moves and stuff when my dad started playing more of his toy records. So I turned up my favorite band and oh my god blue dreadlocks are so cool on white people and music is just so cool these days. I was thinking about all this yesterday while listening to this music and, wow, these musicians relate so well to us. I think they're dedicated too because every time they sell a record they get money to buy harmful substances to make themselves sad and lonely just like their fans and it's so cool that so many people are sad and can be sad together. Sometimes I just get so sad that I'm like, "GRRRR" and then I find other sad people to listen to and even my girlfriend is sad and I'm happy that we found each other.