Tuesday, September 24, 2002

OMG my dad won't stop listening to that hippie crap. Hippies were stupid to be so optimistic and I hate that but then again hippies invented drugs so that's okay but the music should be burned it's so stupid.

Sunday, September 22, 2002

My dad found a box of really big tapes in a cardboard box and then before I know he was at radio shack buying cords and stuff and cables. Then he hooked this wood panelling covered box up to the stereo and put one of the big tapes in and was recording it on real tapes. Then he started listening to this "music" today and they were all singing some happy song today and, like, I thought "lifeless yuppie" and I just hate that old "happy" music. Pfft, we all know rock and roll wont change the world and if he had taste he'd listen to real music about real emotion and stuff. But I did learn something from one of those stupid looking tapes (I still swear they're kiddie toys). There was a song on one about a girl who dyed her hair pink which makes me feel kind of dumb cuz my girl has pink hair and I didn't even know they made hair dye for pink hair until 1992. I won't tell my girly either cuz she's like really self conscious about these things.

Saturday, September 21, 2002

Like, oh my god. I was listening to the radio today and I heard this song by these guys about this girl who wanders around in a daze and is really sad because no one makes her happy and I thought, "That's MY girl." Music is so kewl these days it's all deep and stuff, like, there are hundreds of songs about bad parents like that band with the guy who has dreadlocks and raps to metal and his mom wasn't good to him. It's nice to know I'm an adult like him because my mom last week told me i couldn't go out with my girl and my mom won't hug me so she wanted to make sure my girl and i cant cuddle either and life's so unfair and it's so kewl that these thirty year old guys can relate because i bet their moms didn't like them getting hugs either.