Thursday, April 17, 2003

OMG i think things r bad w/me and anne she said not to call her annie and covered her ears and said don't call me annie and I said anne annie don't all roses smell liek nice roses and she said dead roses and don't call me annie. Later on tho she sed she was all in stress cuz she scratched a cd i lent her and i was liek, "my favorite one?" and she said "yes the one that makes you go GRRRR" and I was like it's okay because she makes me go GRRRR in a good way and she called me a pervert and stuff then got mad again and told me to scru off and she had 2 c her psicho-bulcrap docter and then left.

Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Ugh y do pppl have to use my computer to write stuped crap to their wblogs to. It's liek they need hobbies like my hobby I make model cars and gave one 2 my gurl annie and she was like "that's so kewl u rock" and i painted it just for her and she has it on her shelf and her parents said there impressed too. I like to maek my models and listen to num-etal and somteims industrial cuz it has a beet and I can just get into the rythyhm and they say kewl stuff like, about really knowing the goverment is bad I mean, I don't read the papers or any intellectuel crap like thtat but I know the goverment is bad because I heard it on the radio.

Thursday, January 09, 2003

I was like talking to my girl on that messaging program and my parents were like "why don't you get a job?" all coming in and interrupting me and I said "I had a job remember I sold stuff in study hall for that school thing and everyone else got study hall and my friend got his first date from study hall but I was in the hallway instead." It's like, everyone else got to relax but me? wtf is all this I never got to have fun in school like anyone else and now I guess I'll never have fun.